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Axel Sikora


A novel communication platform is presented, which helps in the monitoring and deployment of distributed wireless networks. Its major part is based on distributed embedded web servers connected to RF-communication heads. The web servers act as distributed communication hubs and exchange data via XML-feeds with web2.0-capable clients. The first implementations are concentrating on the monitoring direction, as this approach eases supervision of spatially distributed wireless networks, and also allows seamless remote monitoring. But it is also capable to feed data frames into the wireless network. The platform already supports protocols like Wireless M-Bus and EnOcean Radio Protocol (ERP), but is flexible to integrate arbitrary protocols. In addition, this is - to the very best knowledge of the authors - the very first AJAX implementation on a very lean embedded web server.


Wireless Networks; Sniffer; Web2.0; AJAX; Embedded Internet; Gateway.

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