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Kseniia Bazilevych, Mary Mazorchuk, Yurii Parfeniuk, Viktoriia Dobriak, Ievgen Meniailov, Dmytro Chumachenko


In this paper the model and applied information system are proposed for modelling cash flow of insurance funds with use cloud data storage. Cash flow valuation is performed taking into account contextual characteristics of an insured under conditions of stochastic uncertainty. The proposed insurance cash flow model of the financial fund of insurance company allow to account the financial solvency probability based on the analysis of contextual properties of insureds, that increase the estimation accuracy of the modeling cash flows. Also, the model takes into account insurance bonus non-payment during the insurance company operation. In this paper, we propose a structure of an informational system, which is called “Insurance Life”. This system supports downloading and uploading data with the cloud service pCloud according to safety requirements of data. The main results of the research are introduced into practice of the operation of insurance companies in forms of software applications and results of calculations.


insurance cash flow model; actuarial valuation; contextual characteristics; stochastic uncertainty; logistic regression; Monte Carlo simulation.

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