• Asya Stoyanova-Doycheva
  • Vanya Ivanova
  • Todorka Glushkova
  • Stanimir Stoyanov
  • Irina Radeva


Tourist Guide, Ambient-oriented modeling, Dynamic generation of cultural routes, Ontologies, Intelligent agents.


Due to its unique geographical location, for thousands of years the region of Bulgaria used to be a crossroads for many nationalities. The enormous Bulgarian cultural and historical heritage is little known outside the country and modern information and communication technologies have not been used in their full potential to promote and advertise it. In this paper, a personal tourist guide is presented, which is able to generate cultural routes. The routes can be virtual or real depending on preferences or location of the user. The architecture of the guide consists of several intelligent agents that work with ontology network and ambient network as a knowledge base, to generate the tourist routs. Ontologies present the cultural and historical objects of Bulgaria according the CCO standard, and ambient present the physical properties (location, working time etc.) of these objects. Furthermore, the dynamic generation of routes is demonstrated by modeling ambient-oriented approach.


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