• Viktor V. Morozov
  • Olena V. Kalnichenko
  • Olga Olga O. Mezentseva Mezentseva


cloud technologies, distributed information systems, IT-projects, project management, proactive management, information impacts, influences, interaction, change management.


In this paper, we propose a method for using neural networks to model impacts on the parameters of complex IT projects for the creation of distributed information systems. The method allows predicting the level of changes in the results of the project activity at any time during the execution of projects and depending on changes in the time parameters of projects. An integrated information system is developed for modelling the changes of key parameters of IT projects using cloud data warehouses. The modern information technologies of management projects of leading developers are involved and integrated in the process of modelling. The evaluation of the results of modelling the effects of changes on the timing of work implementation is carried out taking into account the context characteristics of projects, including resource distribution both in time and in project work, cost distribution, etc. The model of in-depth training of the neural network is proposed, due to the experimental representation of the input and output data of numerical experiments. In this paper we propose a method for analysing the effects of changes on the terms of project execution.


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Morozov, V. V., Kalnichenko, O. V., & Mezentseva, O. O. O. M. (2020). THE METHOD OF INTERACTION MODELING ON BASIS OF DEEP LEARNING THE NEURAL NETWORKS IN COMPLEX IT-PROJECTS. International Journal of Computing, 19(1), 88-96. Retrieved from