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Alexandr Kuznetsov, Vyacheslav Kalashnikov, Robert Brumnik, Sergii Kavun


In the recent years, a large amount of literature on the computational aspects of critical infrastructures security has emerged, much of it focusing on cryptography, cyber, informational and economical security, theory, methods, approaches and algorithms associated with certain classes of such problems. The topic proposed to treat in this special issue goes one jump further in attempting to deal with computational aspects of critical infrastructures security. Such classes of critical infrastructures security problems often arise in engineering, computing and software applications: robotics, Internet of things, different environments control problems, approaches and techniques applied to all types of information and communication technologies, and so forth. Last but not least, a lot of new applied problems in the area of computational aspects of critical infrastructures security have recently arisen that can be efficiently solved only by the new scientific methods, approaches and algorithms. Among them there are informational and economical security problem, designing of encryption algorithms with consideration known attacks analysis problems, symmetric ciphers problems, highly practical and commercial importance of security, safety and protection Reasearch and Development, and so forth, even if we mention only part of such applications or approaches. Computational aspects of critical infrastructures security models to describe informational and economical processes are also the most popular new themes in the area of critical infrastructures security. The primary purpose of the special issue is to discuss these problems with the researchers working in this and in adjacent areas, scientific and practical problems of information and economic security of different countries.

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