• Norharyati Harum
  • Zaheera Zainal Abidin
  • Wahidah Md Shah
  • Aslinda Hassan



Internet of Thing, Fall Detector, Raspberry Pi, Smart Monitoring, Smart Home, Image Processing.


Current global statistics shows that increasing number of elderly people live alone. Considering this unavoidable situation, a smart IoT system that can ease young family members to monitor their elderly family member from anywhere has been proposed. In this paper, the system uses a low-cost single board computer, named Raspberry Pi, with embedded webcam to perform 24 hours monitoring is demonstrated. A fall incident can be detected by a captured video that will be processed using an image processing technique. This fall detection is done by several basic activities; separating moving objects from the background, calculating the parameters for these areas and finally, fall detection itself. The fall detector is essential for elderly person monitoring since most of them suffer from chronic diseases and thus need more attention from their young family members. The system can also send notification to the user using social media application when detecting fall incidents in the monitoring area. Video captured by the system will be stored in cloud server, so that it can be used for any incident investigation in the future. By using the system, incidents such as death of elderly family members can be avoided by notifying fall incidents to family members that might be away from home.


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Harum, N., Abidin, Z. Z., Shah, W. M., & Hassan, A. (2018). IMPLEMENTATION OF SMART MONITORING SYSTEM WITH FALL DECTECTOR FOR ELDERLY USING IOT TECHNOLOGY. International Journal of Computing, 17(4), 243-249.