• Mohammed Eshtay
  • Azzam Sleit
  • Monther Aldwairi



NoSQL Databases, Bitemporal Properties, Cassandra, Redis, Column Oriented Stores, Key-value Stores.


NoSQL database systems have emerged and developed at an accelerating rate in the last years. Attractive properties such as scalability and performance, which are needed by many applications today, contributed to their increasing popularity. Time is very important aspect in many applications. Many NoSQL database systems do not offer built in management for temporal properties. In this paper, we discuss how we can embed temporal properties in NoSQL databases. We review and differentiate between the most popular NoSQL stores. Moreover, we propose various solutions to modify data models for embedding bitemporal properties in two of the most popular categories of NoSQL databases (Key-value stores and Column stores). In addition, we give examples of how to represent bitemporal properties using Redis Key-value store and Cassandra column oriented store. This work can be used as basis for designing and implementing temporal operators and temporal data management in NoSQL databases.


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Eshtay, M., Sleit, A., & Aldwairi, M. (2019). IMPLEMENTING BI-TEMPORAL PROPERTIES INTO VARIOUS NOSQL DATABASE CATEGORIES. International Journal of Computing, 18(1), 45-52.