• Indira Karymsakova
  • Natalya Denissova
  • Saule Kumargazhanova
  • Iurii Krak


Implant, Plasma spraying, Classification, Virtual robot simulator, Spline-interpolation.


The problem of a robotic system creating for plasma spraying of biocompatible coatings on complex shaped implants based on a Fanuc LR Mate 200 id manipulation robot and modeling spraying trajectories using a virtual simulator Roboguide V6.40 is considered. Parametric classification of implants is carried out whenever possible by plasma spraying using robotic devices. The main procedures for implants preparation for spraying were investigated. The 3D UNIVERSE scanner is used for scanning the implant and building its spatial model, the 3D model of the implant is being developed in Geomagic Design X. To build the manipulator program movements taking into account the speed of movement, it is proposed to use fourth order splines, which is built in the Matlab tools with finding of the optimal close spline to the original values. As the example of Cox femoral joint implant, a simulation of robot motion is performed using a virtual simulator Roboguide V6.40 with the possibility of transferring the program to a real Fanuc LR Mate 200 id robot.


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