• Vladimir Sklyar
  • Vyacheslav Kharchenko



Assurance Case, safety, security, dependability


This paper presents a survey of Assurance Case implementation for applications which are not directly related to the usual for Assurance Case regulatory regime. The UK is the country which first developed the theory of Assurance Case as a response to big catastrophes, and most applies Assurance Case regime for many industrial domains. USA, Australia and EU countries apply Assurance Case approach for safety and security regulation and licensing. For the last two decades Assurance Case has been used mostly for confirmation analysis of critical systems with established set of regulatory requirements. There are proven standards of use, notations and tools to support Assurance Case methodology. However, many researchers have tried to find approach to expand Assurance Case application to communicating domains. We group the following directions of Assurance Case applications as the following ones: Assurance Case for attributes assessment such as quality, dependability and, first of all, safety and security, Assurance Case based certification, improvement of argumentation, assurance based development, and Assurance Case for knowledge management. The main challenges and solutions of development and application of Assurance Case methodology, techniques and tools have been analyzed.


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