New Hypertensive Retinopathy Grading Based on the Ratio of Artery Venous Diameter from Retinal Image


  • Bambang Krismono Triwijoyo
  • Boy Subirosa Sabarguna
  • Widodo Budiharto
  • Edi Abdurachman



hypertensive retinopathy, grading, artery-vein diameter ratio


Medical research indicated that narrowing of the retinal blood vessels might be an early indicator of cardiovascular diseases; one of them is hypertensive retinopathy. This paper proposed the new staging method of hypertensive retinopathy by measure the ratio of diameter artery and vein (AVR). The dataset used in this research is the public Messidor color fundus image dataset. The proposed method consists of image resizing using bicubic interpolation, optic disk detection, a region of interest computation, vessel diameter measuring, AVR calculation, and grading the new categories of Hypertensive Retinopathy based on Keith-Wagener-Barker categories. The experiments show that the proposed method can determine the stage of hypertensive retinopathy into new categories.


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