A Novel IoT Based Smart Energy Meter with Backup Battery


  • Osman Yakubu
  • C. Narendra Babu
  • C. Osei Adjei




Internet of Things, microcontroller, sensors, smart energy meter


Energy consumption is currently on the ascendency due to increased demand by domestic and industrial consumers. The quest to ensure that consumers manage their consumption and the utility companies also monitor consumers to manage energy demand and production resulted in smart energy meters which are able to transmit data automatically at certain intervals being introduced. These Smart Meters are still fraught with challenges as consumers are unable to effectively monitor their consumption and the meters are also expensive to deploy. This research aims to present a novel IoT based Smart Energy Meter that will gather consumption data in real time and transmit it to a cloud data repository for storage and analysis. The novelty of this inexpensive system is the introduction of an ADM25SC Single Phase DIN-RAIL Watt-hour Energy Meter which sends power to the microcontroller and also the introduction of a backup battery that keeps the meter on for some time to transmit outage data during power outages. Data gathered from the proposed IoT based Smart Energy Meter for a period is compared against that of the same period from a Smart G meter, a widely used energy meter, and is found to be very close confirming the accuracy of the IoT based Smart Energy Meter.


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