Automation of the Protocol Selection Process for IoT Systems


  • Viktor Kozel
  • Oleksii Ivanchuk
  • Ievgeniia Drozdova
  • Olena Prykhodko



Internet of Things, protocols, software, process automation, data exchange, network


The Internet of Things is designed to eliminate or minimize human participation in functioning intelligent devices connected to a network for improving human living conditions and their comfort in different spheres. The rapid expansion of the Internet of Things leads to a steady increase in the number of signaling protocols and data structure protocols being developed and used in the IoT, and thus, it complicates their selection when designing the IoT system. In addition, when designing a wireless IoT network, the problem of selecting an energy-efficient protocol arises, as the constant exchange of data depletes the power supply that IoT devices are equipped with. Thus, human intervention for regular battery maintenance is required. A set of rules and criteria for the selection of optimal combination of protocols when designing the IoT system is proposed. The assessment of distributed protocols according to selected criteria based on the Boolean functions has been conducted. The developed program that enables choosing the optimal combination of protocols has been presented. Automation of the protocol selection process at the initial stage will make it possible to reduce the time for designing the IoT system.


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