A Novel and Enhanced Routing Protocol for Large Scale Disruption Tolerant Mobile Ad hoc Networks


  • Hamid Ali Abed Al-Asadi
  • Huda A. Ahmed
  • Abdul-Hadi Al-Hassani
  • N A M Ahmad Hambali




MANET, Hole Attacks, Trust Based Routing, Evolutionary, Routing Protocol


Because of the lack of fixed infrastructures, the existence of open media and diverse network topologies, internetworking networks and mobile ad hoc networks (MANET’s), the design of MANET protocols is complicated. In this paper, we propose an evolutionary trust mechanism imitating cognitive processes that uses sensitive information to avoid routing. Moreover, we propose an Enhanced Self-organizing Cooperation and Trust based (ESCT) Protocol, where the mobile nodes share self-reliance and interpret information from a cognitive point of view. Each node develops its information dynamically to eradicate malicious entities. The most attractive attribute of the proposed ESCT protocol, even if domestic attackers know how it operates, is to prevent infringements. In this paper, the efficiency of the proposed ESCT protocol is assessed for different routing disturbances and varying number of attackers. The results of a simulation show that, the proposed ESCT protocol supports diverse network platforms and provides an efficient routing method for MANET routers. The proposed ESCT protocol displays increased throughput, reduction in end-to-end delay and increase in packet delivery ratio when compared to the peers that were taken for comparison.


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Al-Asadi, H. A. A., Ahmed, H. A., Al-Hassani, A.-H., & Ahmad Hambali, N. A. M. (2022). A Novel and Enhanced Routing Protocol for Large Scale Disruption Tolerant Mobile Ad hoc Networks. International Journal of Computing, 21(3), 325-332. https://doi.org/10.47839/ijc.21.3.2688