Accelerating Image Classification based on a Model for Estimating Descriptor-to-Class Distance


  • Volodymyr Gorokhovatskyi
  • Svitlana Gadetska
  • Natalia Stiahlyk



image classification, keypoint descriptor, distance estimation, classification speed


The article describes a method of image classification based on the estimation of the distance to the etalon class. The implementation of estimates gives a significant gain in classification speed compared to linear search while maintaining a decent level of accuracy. The methodology is based on the use of the triangle inequality for images given by a set of binary vectors as descriptors of the image key points. The evaluation is applied to the "object   descriptor – etalon" classification method, which is based on the descriptor voting procedure. An analysis of evaluation options is carried out using the parameters of the etalon sets in the form of a medoid and the closest or farthest points from it. The gain in classification time compared to the traditional method proportionally depends on the number of descriptors in the etalon description. Software simulation of classifiers with the implementation of evaluation shows a gain in speed of 350-450 times for the description of 500 descriptors while maintaining one hundred percent classification accuracy on the training set of similar NFT images. A control sample experiment shows that the classifier with estimation can respond better to image details compared to the traditional method.


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