• Marcin Pasieka
  • Norbert Grzesik
  • Konrad Kuźma



fuzzy controller, cowl flaps, Piper Seneca V, fuzzy logic.


This article described project of fuzzy logic controller witch control the scope of opening cowl flaps in Piper Seneca V engines. This allows to maintain optimum engine temperature by varying the amount of air flow through the engine compartment. The main task of controller is to reduce pilot workload during the entire flight, as well as to maintain optimum engine operating parameters in order to increase its service life. The designed fuzzy controller generates a cowl flaps control signal according to the three most important input parameters: Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT), Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI), Manifold Pressure (MP). The project uses Matlab and Fuzzy Logic Toolbox software. The authors presented the performance of the system based on twenty samples for research, which simulate position flaps. This articles presented also control surfaces, due to which it is possible to analyze controller performance. At the end showed the simulation process in the Simulink software package with the preset input values.


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