• Domenico Luca Carnì
  • Domenico Grimaldi
  • Francesco Lamonaca
  • Libero Nigro
  • Paolo Francesco Sciammarella



Distributed Measurement Systems, Multi-agent systems, Cyber-Physical Systems, Model continuity.


Recently the technological advances have allowed the introduction of new standards to model and monitor control systems. The classical distributed measurement systems (DMSs) have been enriched with the use of a large number of new measurement devices, increasing the amount of produced data. New paradigms for their management are needed, that coupled with actuators, enable the integration of DMSs into more complex systems, known as Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs). CPSs application field includes different areas such as health care, power management in smart micro grids, and, more in general, management and execution of time-dependent event-driven systems. This paper proposes a framework that allows the modelling, analysis and the implementation of CPSs. In particular, the proposed framework introduces an original feature called model continuity that offers the possibility of using a same model for both simulation phase and real-time execution phase.


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Carnì, D. L., Grimaldi, D., Lamonaca, F., Nigro, L., & Sciammarella, P. F. (2017). FROM DISTRIBUTED MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS TO CYBER-PHYSICAL SYSTEMS: A DESIGN APPROACH. International Journal of Computing, 16(2), 66-73.