Open Special Issue on Cyber Security and Safety of Embedded Systems and Clouds. Assessment, Modeling, Assurance

Paper submission deadline: June 30, 2019
Publication date: December, 2019
Lead Guest Editor: Vyacheslav Kharchenko, Ukraine
Guest Editors: Anatoliy Gorbenko, United Kingdom, Jüri Vain, Estonia, Elena Zaitseva, Slovak Republic
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Open Special Issue on Advanced Wireless Systems

Paper Deadline: 1 June 2019
Publication Date: 31 December 2019
Lead Guest Editor: Orest Ivakhiv, Ukraine
Guest Editors: Mykhailo Klymash, Ukraine, Uwe Grossman, Germany, Taras Maksymyuk, Ukraine
Posted: 2019-04-03 More...

Open Special Issue on Contemporary Intelligent Systems and Applications

Paper submission deadline: June 20, 2019
Publication date: September, 2019
Lead Guest Editor: Vladimir Jotsov, Bulgaria
Guest Editor: João Pedro Mendonça, Portugal
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Open Special Issue on Security and Post-Quantum Cryptography

Paper submission deadline: April 15, 2019
Publication date: June, 2019
Lead Guest Editor: Alexandr Kuznetsov, Ukraine
Guest Editors: Robert Brumnik, Slovenia, Vyacheslav Kalashnikov, Mexico, Sergii Kavun, Ukraine
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