Prevent and Reduce the Risk of Implementing the Main Cybersecurity Threats


  • Yuriy Danyk
  • Serhii Vdovenko
  • Serhii Voloshko



cognitive warfare, cyber challenges and threats, cyber defense, cyber security, cyber space, hybrid threats, national cyber defense system, system of cyber threats early detection


In hybrid conflicts of any intensity, hostilities (operations) are an element of other (non-force) actions mutually coordinated according to a single plan, mainly economic, political, diplomatic, informational, psychological, cyber, cognitive, etc. This creates destabilizing internal and external processes in the state that is the object of aggression (concern and discontent of the population, migration, acts of civil disobedience, etc.). The article examines the effective organizational and technical countermeasures against hybrid threats, national cyber defense systems in the developed countries. The article also presents the results of the investigations into the effects of the information hybrid threats through cyberspace on social, technical, socio and technical systems. The composition of the system of early efficient detection of the above hybrids is proposed. The results of the structural and parametric synthesis of the system are described. The recommendations related to the system implementation are given. A number of sufficient components for the effective design and development of the national cyber defense system of the state are proposed.


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